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Preparing Yourself For Twerk Lessons

Are you anxious about your upcoming twerking lessons? Do you want to take dance lessons.┬áDon’t worry; here are a few tips on how you can mentally and physically prepare yourself for stepping up on the dance floor.

Know the twerks

Even before entering the dance studio, be sure that you already have an idea on what type of dance you’ve already signed up for. If you’re about to have your class in a week or so, be sure to research on the proper attire, etiquette as well as a little background on the type of dance you’ll be doing. Not only will it make you more knowledgeable on the subject, it also guarantees that you and your dance mates are on the same page.

Know Your Body

This goes hand-in-hand with the point above. Before joining any type of physical activity, you should at least have an idea on how fit you are. You might find it hard to work with your twerk mates if you’ve taken up B-boying yet you’re 30 pounds overweight. Though your reasons for taking up twerking might be to lose weight, there’s no point in signing up for any dancing activity if you can’t catch up with your partners.

If you have any medical conditions, on the other hand, be sure to bring it up to your instructor.’Learn how to salsa dance. You should also ask your doctor for advice as well. This is because of twerking, though it might seem effortless at first glance, is an extremely physical endeavor. If you’re still in doubt, try doing simple cardiovascular exercises first to gauge your fitness level.

Be There Early

There’s nothing more embarrassing than showing up 15 minutes late. You might’ve lost the opportunity to make formal introductions; plus, your instructor might have to adjust so he/she could brief you in. With that in mind, be sure you arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early so you could get acquainted with the people you’ll be dancing with. If you’ve already done that, you can use the extra time to warm up for your twerking class.

Don’t Eat (A Heavy Meal)

You might’ve seen athletes eat a high-carb dinner before doing a long, cardiovascular overhaul. But truth be told, these athletes consume this much because their bodies could burn calories at an amazing pace. If you’re just a couch potato, eating too much before your dance lessons would cause you to feel sluggish, sloppy, and heavy. In fact, it may even cause nausea. So, instead of eating a cheeseburger, go for easily digestible foods like fruit, yogurt, or nuts.

One Step at a Time

You might feel overwhelmed on your first day of class. With all of those techniques, terms, and exercises, your brain might not be able to catch up with all the information that’s being fed to it. Don’t worry, however. It’s natural. Instead, try to focus on what you’re doing presently and take things one step at a time. Start slow and learn at your own pace; you’ll soon catch up with the rest.


The day after your first (strenuous) twerk lessons, your body might feel like it got hit by a truck. Don’t lose hope, however, as this is natural. Known as delayed onset muscle soreness (or muscle fever), the pain you feel is but a reaction of your muscles “complaining” that it isn’t used to what you did. So rest until you feel better; you’ll soon get the hang of it. All that said, enjoy your twerk classes.